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Sunflower Snack (NEW LARGER SIZE)

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Another organic tasty healthy option for our bunnies.  A crunchy crisp mix of sunflower leaf “chips” garnished with immune supporting flowers and petals (sunflower, echinacea, calendula, red clover) plus plantain stems for added nibble fun.  Ignite your bunnies foraging instincts by putting pieces in hidey places by themselves or with hay.

The amazing sunflower is a native domesticated plant originally cultivated by North American Indians.  From flowers and leaves used as teas for pulmonary complaints, sunflower stalks as fodder for livestock, stems manufactured into fiber for fabric and paper,  seeds, leaves and flowers as food for humans and wildlife, plus use as an ornamental garden plant (and a whole lot more), the sunflower has a rich history of use in agricultural, medicinal, horticultural and industrial use.


  • Use in moderation, just a few chips per serving, for a great variety treat.
  • Keep unused portion tightly sealed and dry. Store in a cool, dry location away from sunlight.


  • Weight: 2.26 ounces

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Leaves, Sunflower, Echinacea, & Calendula Petals, Red Clover Blossoms, Plantain Stems.

So what makes these dried flowers and herbs high quality? Developed by a certified herbalist & nutritionist as well as a fellow bunny rescuer/lover. Created with high-quality organic herbs & botanicals, with just the right synergistic blend which makes all the difference!

Don't be fooled by look-a-likes and copycats. Low-quality herbs and botanicals can come from sources that have questionable authenticity and organic status and can be lacking in potency. Flopper's Garden chooses certified organic suppliers, with high standards and a good reputation. The suppliers adhere to strict procedures concerning, growing, harvesting, handling, drying and storing of botanicals. This includes lab analysis for quality and consistency. The facilities are regulated to protect the aroma and color of the botanicals. When possible botanicals are Kosher and Fair Trade Certified.