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Willow Wreath with Foliage (LIMIT 2)

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Currently a limit of 2 until we build up our inventory. We will be doing so over the next couple of months so that more can be ordered in the near future.   Note, if our store glitches, and allows you to order more than 2, we will correct that to 2 and refund you the difference. 

 TIPS ON HOW TO MAKE YOURS LAST -- break apart and give in portions

Also note: We received a price increase that we have to pass onto you. We do not like raising prices, and we do our best to avoid it, but due to this past years longer shortage, the supplier has hired full-time staff to focus on the growing demand. Other costs including transport and storage also have increased.  

Bunnies go bonkers for full foliaged willow! Locally grown! Fragrant dried willow foliage provides a yummy healthy treat. Excellent source of fiber and bunnies love ‘it! Once the bunnies have munched all the leaves, the healthy twigs are a great source of chewing satisfaction! I brought these dried full foliaged treats to a large local rabbit rescue, and the bunnies tore into them. Be your bunny’s favorite human, and watch your bunny do binkies over these treats!

They are about the size of a small salad plate. But each one is a bit different. Some thinner, some fuller, some larger. Being a natural product, they will vary. If you order more than one we try to make sure to balance it out with thinner and fuller ones. The leaves are dry and brittle and some leaves will fall off during transport but they make for great nommy bunny side snacks.

Pesticide Free!


  • Protein : 13.5% dried 9.15% fresh
  • Fiber: 25.12% dried 17.02 fresh
  • Calcium: 1.38 dried .93 fresh