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Cranberry Slices

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Another good for you, good for bunny treat! Dried Cranberry Treats are a super low sugar alternative to raisins and craisins- no sugar, oil or juices added. All natural goodness in perfect bunny bite sized portions. You only need a fraction of the amount to receive the health benefits of cranberries as compared to sweetened dried cranberries.

For the Native American Indians, cranberries were both food and medicine. They used the berries to treat wounds and alleviate pain. Today, the unique chemistry of cranberries offers cardiovascular and urinary tract benefits, immune support and more. A perfect stand alone treat or mix with select Nibble Noms.

For you: Use in salads, oatmeal, sauces and baked goods to add an extra zip to your favorite recipes or enjoy right out of the bag for a true tart healthy snack. Soak in orange juice before putting in cranberry bread. Soak in salad dressing for a few minutes before adding to the greens. Soak in apple juice before adding to muffins or even soak in hot water and let them steep for a few minutes for a cranberry tea. 

NOTE REGARDING WHITE SPOTS ON BERRIES:  If you see tiny white spots.  This is not mold, but is natural sugar-ing where fruit sugar crystallizes on the surface.  This natural process can neither be created on purpose or stopped and is not harmful.


  • Weight: 1 oz.