Apple Nibble Sticks

$5.39 $5.99

These are smaller thinner twigs of organically grown apple trees left untrimmed for a perfect natural chew option for small critters. Promotes healthy teeth and gums. Packaged for you by BinkyBunny.


  • From BinkyBunny: My bunny has tried apple sticks before with little interest. THESE she loves.
  • Do you see a little fuzz on the branches? Apple Twigs can produce a light fuzz . It can be more prevalent on the growing tips and buds. This is not mold. It's just the natural part of the organically grown branches. However, as with any natural product, mold can happen, (though we have not had this issue), and so if you have any doubts or need confirmation, just send us a picture.


  • Size: 4" x 1/16 to 3/16" dia. (varies greatly)