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Birch Treat Stick | NEW

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All natural, locally grown thick birch stick with three holes drilled in. Fill the pockets with treats, greens, pellets or anything that adds a boredom buster boost to this tasty Birch Branch! One hole is drilled all the way through so you can hang or tie to your rabbits pen, or somewhere creative to keep your bunny busy.  Use safe bunny twine like jute or our Sea Grass Twine, (sold separately), to hang or tie The Birch Treat Stick. 

Birch is another safe wood for bunnies to chew and digest. The tasty bark outside with a smooth fresh center is hard for them to resist. The smell and texture is something they love to sink their teeth into. Rabbits teeth are constantly growing and finding things to entice your bunny to chew on promotes good dental health. These are locally grown, thoroughly dried cuts that still have the fresh scent of Birch to inspire a chomp-fest.

Note: These are all natural and so you may see "imperfections" which are actually just natures perfections - Dark spots, and minute amounts of moss. The dark spots are typically just the residue from previous moss growth.  All is okay.  These are very small amounts and not harmful. 


  • (Natural Product Size Varies: (Average) 8"-11" long  by 3/4"- 1 1/2 inches thick.