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Willow Twigs (15)

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A mixture of thin nibble twigs and thicker sticks. Locally grown, natural, pesticide free and tasty. A great variety that bunnies love: Thinner twigs to chomp right up, and thicker ones that take a little more time, along with some in between sizes to for more boredom buster chew fun. If you are looking for really thick pieces or want to combine check out our Chunk Chews.

Rabbits teeth are constantly growing. Chewing willow sticks helps promote good dental health. These make great boredom busters especially if strategically placed. Some bunnies go at them even if they are just lying on the floor, but others prefer them secured so they can get a good grip. Secure them to the sides of pens and cages with sisal or jute. (you can even use the string they sticks are tied with). I also like to hold the stick for my bunny while she chews away. Great bonding time!

Mix these up with some of our other tasty sticks like Pear, Apple, Dogwood, and Willow Chunk Chews for a stick smorgasbord!

For bunnies that prefer a challenge, hang them with sisal or some other bunny safe twine from the top of pens and cages. I love to add these to my own home-made toys - Example: poke holes in a small cardboard box, and poke these willow sticks through. (keep at low level to prevent eye pokes!)


  • Average Size: 6.5 - 8" x  1/4 - 1/2" diameter
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.