Willow XLARGE Chunk | NEW


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Locally grown in California!  

When your bunny just needs a big chew to gnaw on.  The XL Willow Chunk bark has a naturally crunchy texture that bunnies love. It caters to a rabbit's natural instinct and entices a marathon chompfest.  A great way to distract from baseboard and furniture chewing.    

The rough tasty bark outside with a smooth fresh center is hard for them to resist. The smell and texture is something they love to sink their teeth into. Rabbits teeth are constantly growing and finding things to entice your bunny to chew on promotes good dental health. These are locally grown, thoroughly dried cuts that still have the fresh scent of willow to inspire a chompfest.

Mix these up with some of our other tasty chews like Pear, Apple, Dogwood, Willow Sticks and Smaller Chunk Chews for a woody smorgasbord!


  • What many people may not know is Willow has to be dried properly otherwise it is susceptible to mildew. (Especially the thick chunks like these) and so careful measures for proper drying were insured so that these thick tasty chunks are good to go!
  • We cannot take special orders for preferred size/shape. Sorry! We supply what is available.


  • SIZE Varies - average 4" x  3/4" Width
  • Weight: 3.0 oz