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2017 Rabbit Rescue Wall Calendar (HR-2)
Holiday Bell TRIO (bbh-3)
Holiday Nomworthy Willow Bells!
Holiday Book Pack: Rabbit Health in the 21st Century (bbh-6)
A wonderful resource to help you take a more active informed role in your bunny's health care decisions.

Holiday Book Pack: House Rabbit Handbook (bbh-5)
A gift for both human and bunny!
Holiday Mini Puppet Pack (bbh-7)
Adorable! Three puppet packs to choose from! Gift for humans & bunnies in one!
New! Papaya (SMF-2)
Sweet Meadows Farm Papaya Dried Fruit Snacks (SMF-2)

NEW! Rattle Rings (FB-23)
Lifting, flipping, chewing fun!
New! Thanks A Bunch Embossed Cards (PP-10)
Beautifully printed and embossed on recycled paper.
$1.99 - $11.99 Price Details
NEW! Bunny Brunch Cards Blank (PP-7)
Beautiful Single or Box Set!
$1.99 - $11.99 Price Details

NEW! Our Best Friends Sympathy Card (PP-9)
Single & Sets: Beautifully printed and embossed pet sympathy card. (PP-9)
$3.99 - $19.99 Price Details
NEW! Memories of Love Sympathy Card (PP-8)
Memories of Love Sympathy Card (PP-8)
$3.99 - $19.99 Price Details
New! Timmy (Timothy Hay) Pellets   (BB-24-6)
Timmy (Timothy Hay) Pellets (BB-24-6)

NEW! Heart Ring Toss (FB-11)
Heart Ring Toss (FB-11)
NEW! High Fiber Timothy Hay 24 oz Minibale (BB-33)
First Cut High Fiber Timothy Hay 24 oz Minibale (BB-33)
NEW! Tropical Heart Smaks Treats for Seniors (BB-134)
Tropical Heart Smaks Treats for Seniors (BB-134)

New! Twigloo Hideout Large (OHC-51)
Twigloo Hideout Large (OHC-51)
NEW! Dried Carrots (BRS-3)
Dried Carrots (BRS-3)
NEW! Mini Star Willow Ball Rattle (FB-36)
Mini Star Willow Ball Rattle (FBX-11)

NEW! Mountain Grass Hay 24 oz Minibale (BB-43)
Mountain Grass Hay 24 oz Minibale (BB-43)
NEW! Magnet - Apple (MHH-30)
Bunnies love treats! They'd eat 'em all if they they could (Perfect Stocking Stuffer!)
NEW! Magnet - Bunny Cruise (MHH-40)
Bunnies are expert loungers! (Perfect Stocking Stuffer!)

NEW! Magnet - Bunny Hop (MHH-42)
Bunnies love to binky all about! (Perfect Stocking Stuffer!)
NEW! Magnet - Love Bunny (MHH-23)
Supersoft - We love to love them. (Perfect Stocking Stuffer!)
NEW! Magnet - Yarn Tales (MHH-31)
Naughty Chewer. (Perfect Stocking Stuffer!)

NEW! Magnet - Air Head Bunny (MHH-51)
Bunnies keeping it chill (Perfect Stocking Stuffer!)
NEW! Veggie Heart Smaks Light Treats (BB-66)
Veggie Heart Smaks Light Treats (BB-66)
Just Apples
Pure Deliciousness! Now available by popular demand.

Hay Braids VARIETY pack (NEW!)
Toss, chew, Eat, Forage, Fiber, Fun!
Hay Twirl (NEW!)
Three Tasty Hays in One Yummy Twirl
$3.99 - $5.99 Price Details
Hay Braids - HERBAL (NEW!) - FG-hhb
Toss, chew, Eat, Forage, Fiber, Fun!

Liza's Leafies NEW! (Floppers Garden)
Organic Healthy Tasty Snack. Great for Megacolon bunnies!
Rattle Roller (FB-6)
Great for tossing and chewing, and for bunnies that like to work on chewing projects.
Willow Sticks - New Thicker Size! (5)
Natural, pesticide free, tasty willow twigs. Promotes good dental health.

Jerusalem Artichoke Sticks
Nutritious delicious gnawing!
Holiday Chew Pack (bbh-9)
The ultimate in chewing fun!
Sold Out
Holiday WILLOW Cane TRIO (bbh-2)
Willow is like candy for bunnies! They love it!
Sold Out

Holiday Binky Bag of Willow (bbh-4)
Packed full of Willow Leaves topped off with toy! Now in 3 bag colors!
Sold Out
Holiday VINE Mini Cane TRIO (bbh-1)
Just for the Holidays! Kudzu, Passiflora & HoneySuckle woven into each cane
Sold Out
New! Rabbit Rattle (FB-7)
Bunny Rattle (FB-7)
Sold Out

New! Bumper Sticker- Oval BUN (RRG-1)
Bumper Sticker- Oval BUN (RRG-1)
Sold Out
NEW! Soft Chews - Tree & Star
Holiday soft pine wood shapes that are very "chewable"
Sold Out
Plantain Plus (Floppers) NEW!
Organic tasty healthy blend to optimize nutirion and digestion
Sold Out
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