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What a journey these two nerds have had! BinkyBunny has grown leaps and bounds from our humble beginnings in 2006 - which started under a loft bed, then moved into a garage, storage shipping container then to a warehouse. Time sure flies, doesn't it?  And along the way, we've become older, a bit more sleep-deprived, but always ready to serve you and your furry friends!

The picture above, snapped on June 11th, 2008, was our very first delivery of Mazes - achieved after many dedicated months of designing, testing, researching, getting feedback from vets, rescues groups and bunny owners, and then more redesigning. We were so excited to receive the cardboard for the Maze Haven that we didn't think through how we were going to store it all since it was still a home-based business. It filled up the driveway! Some went in the house, some in the garage, some on the porch, you name it...

Now 15 years later, we have enough space, but it has been a wild ride. Running  a small business is not easy. It's always a struggle to make ends meet and keep things running smoothly, but it's incredibly rewarding in so many ways. So we just wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you for sticking with us. Your loyalty means the world to us. We sincerely hope that our products continue to bring a little extra happiness into your life.

 With warm regards,

Jennifer, Steve, and the rest of the Binky Team!



We create Special Edition Products for each season to show you what you can easily create yourself in the future. We put them together for you for 3 months, and if your bunny loves it, then it's something you can do again, or even expand with our other toys.

This adorable little mushroom made from Seagrass and Vine baskets and a flavored Vine Heart- With hay and noms inside the mushroom, topped off with a flavored heart-shaped Vine Chew, this is an amazing Fun Bun Boredom Booster.

"Chew, Forage and Find" is what the Bunshroom is all about - a great activity toy. Enriches and stimulates their curiosity. Tastes, scents, textures all in one toy . The flavored Vine heart on the outside of the Sea Grass and Vine Baskets, adds a touch of sweet scent and taste. And the inside is full of fun and surprises with a sprinkle of Rose Petals & Dried Carrots, Two Banana Twinkle Little Stars, and Two Mini Willow Logs nestled within soft Orchard hay. The Bunshroom is another DIY easy-to-make toy out of BinkyBunny Products.

This pre-assembled editions are limited to the 3 months only. This Edition ends July 31st so be sure to get yours now as this assembled toy is 10% of what it costs to buy everything separate.

Unique Noms and Toys that Bunnies Love. (Support Small Business)