Pet Hair Magnet (Petmate)


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A BinkyBunny member was so ecstatic about this product, they wrote to us to tell us all about it and posted about their experience. We bunny lovers know that when bunnies molt - it gets on everything! Some of our bunnies molt a few times a year, while others seem to be on a moltathon.

Forget those tape type hair remover rollers they get full of hair so fast that they quickly become useless. But with the Pet Hair Magnet, just a few strokes with this rubber blade and you can quickly get hair off of anything! Clothes, Carpet, Drapes, Furniture.

The Pet Hair Magnet has a specially designed, 7" rubber blade that works dry: pull it along to pull hair from carpeting, upholstery, blankets, clothing and car seats. This pet hair remover even picks up embedded hair a vacuum can't get!

Just rinse the Pet Hair Magnet and use again and again. The thing works by creating static that attracts the fur, etc. that's on the surface (blanket, etc.) when you use it like a squeegee. The static attracts the fur and the ridges roll the fur, etc. into a ball or roll so you can just pick up the roll and put it in the trash. Short strokes work best.

My husband de-furred/littered both sides of 12 (1/4 yard each) pieces of fleece plus two large pieces (4 yards x @ 5 feet) yesterday while watching tv."


  • Dimensions: 7"W x 6"L