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Blood Stopper Styptic Powder

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Four Paws Healthy Promise Pet Quick Action Pet Blood Stopper Styptic Powder.  As a trusted name in the pet industry for over 50 years, Four Paws knows that accidents happen. Be prepared with Healthy Promise Quick-Action Pet Blood Stopper. This effective styptic powder instantly coats the affected area to help stop bleeding caused by nail trimming.  To use, simply dip a moistened cotton swab into the powder and apply where needed. Easy and convenient to use, this scientifically formulated pet styptic powder is intended for use on dogs, cats, and birds. 

  • Manufacture notes: For Dogs, Cats and Birds  We contacted the Manufacturer regarding the reason they did not include rabbits and it is because they did not do a formal study/test with rabbits.  They focused their attention on Dogs, Cats and Birds.   However, we at BinkyBunny contacted rabbit-savvy vets, including the House Rabbit Society headquarters, and the ingredients in this product were noted as safe for rabbits. 

 Product may cause staining

  • QUICK-ACTION – Blood stopper powder instantly coats the area being treated to help stop bleeding
  • HELPS STOP BLEEDING – Aids in controlling bleeding caused by nail trimming, wing clipping, and minor cuts
  • EASY TO USE – Quick blood stopper includes two cotton swabs to make application simple and convenient 
  • USA MADE – Proudly made in the United States


  • SIZE – 0.5 ounces