Mini Hay Bale - TIMOTHY (1st Cut)


1st Cut Timothy Super Compressed Mini Hay Bale

IF ITEM IS IN "PREORDER"MODE: THAT MEANS THAT WE WILL BE GETTING HAY WITHIN A WEEK, so you can still order but the shipping of your entire order may delayed a few days. (just depends how close you order to when we pick up and that varies week to week). IF YOU WANT THE OTHER ITEMS SOONER, THEN ORDER THEM SEPARATELY A tasty high fiber long strand hay that promotes gut motility.

This hay is much more firm and course, with seed heads, and lower in calcium than the soft and deeper green 2nd cut Timothy. If your bunny craves the softer 2nd cut hay, mix in APD's Timothy Gold 2nd cut, or Orchard. Guaranteed freshness, pesticide free and dye free! Mini bales are perfect to mix and match with our other hays. Easy to store until you're ready to open.

NOTE: Photo of expanded bale is for size reference only.

About all of the super compressed mini bales we sell:Hays are brought directly from the field to our supplier's sealed air conditioned facilities to insure its freshness and to prevent exposure to rodents or birds as barn stored hay can be.

Guaranteed freshness, dye free and pesticide free! Don't be fooled by other mini-bales now being sold at pet stores. Compare the hay quality and the weights of these mini-bales against the ones in the store. These mini-bales pack in more the buck!


  • Size: 13" x 6" x 5.5"
  • Average Weight: 41 oz


  • Fiber - 29-32%
  • Protein - 6.9%
  • Calcium - .34%