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Sea Grass Mat EXTRA LARGE - 6 PACK [19" x 25" x 1/8"]

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Save 10% when purchasing this 6 pack!

Natural sea grass and nothing else. Safe and edible.  They are soft and thin and can easily be folded to make toys, entice for chewing.  Bunnies love to chew on the edges and unweave them.  A fun chewing distraction project.   Better these than your rug!  Some bunnies love to rattle the pen door at night or early in the morning. Weave this mat through the pen bars over and near their door and it keeps them busy with a new chewing project. 

They work well for protecting sensitive feet from a wire cage floor. 


These helped with sore hocks! My bunny can't have blankets as she eats them. We have tight knit carpet also to prevent her from chewing on it. (And she slides on the hardwood floors). The tighter knit carpet was starting to create sore hocks on her feet. We put these Sea Grass Mats in her favorite sitting and lounging spots and within just a couple of months her sore hocks were healed.


  • Because these are hand made and natural, size and colors fluctuate.
  • These are rolled and or folded for shipping. Once received, the best way to make flatten them is to put them under something heavy for a few days or just anchor them under the water dish and food dish, Hidey house etc.  These cannot be shipped flat otherwise the box size would cause an expensive shipping price.   


  • Size: XL measures 19" x 25" x 1/8" (48.3 x 63.5 x 0.25 cm)